Every day narrations that replay in your mind, often as second nature, can take their toll, if the negative thoughts outweigh the positive ones. 

Affirmations are a powerful tool for healing and change. There is nothing more powerful than writing your own affirmations to create the life you wish to lead.

Malas can be used to support the success of affirmations, during meditation & in daily life. They are a great tool to help guide the intention of your practice.

In this session we will create new positive mind loops, that will help you achieve the goals you desire & release the habits that are weighing you down. We do this by choosing an audio afiirmation and using the power of positive words & mantra techniques at the optimal mind absorption moments in life. A mind “defrag” if you like & a great way to set you deeper onto the path of your dreams.

Affirmation - I love my amazing life
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Author: Kim White

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