Yin Yoga Bundle
Yin Yoga Bundle

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Total Duration: 5:11:49

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In this style of class the focus is on the connective tissue and the fascia and these tissues of the body. Connective tissue and fascia are very thin much like the density of paper but they are also super elastic and are the support system for the skeleton. Which means they join the big, dense muscles to the bones and where they join is at the “joints”, so yin yoga is all about increasing joint mobility.

The postures we use in Yin Yoga are a little different to hatha yoga poses, they usually tend to be easier shapes that are held for longer periods of time, so the body has time to give into gravity and the elastic nature of the tissues we are stretching.

The other important aspect to yin yoga is, as the name suggests, the energetic nature of Yin itself. 

A frustrated, hard mind will only create a frustrated, hard body and we don’t want that at all. Life is already busy enough as it is and we put our bodies under so much mental, physical and emotional duress that I believe Yin yoga is the best antidote for our busy lives.

1. Yin - All Hips - 50 min

An amazing yin class focusing on the release of the hips. During this session, we work all on the right first and then we give love all the the left side. A nice long, deep investigation of Right and Left.

2. Yin - Neck - 30 Min

PLEASE NOTE - This is a medium level class.

The asanas are not very difficult but the tension we hold in the neck can be. The tension in your neck and the way your body guards itself against "feeling" this tension can sometimes lead to injury. Please be sure careful as you progress and use sufficient yoga props during the class.

you may need:

-yoga blocks

3. YIN - Hips n Hammys - 20Min

A 20 Minute Yin Yoga class that focuses on releasing the Hips and opening the Hamstrings. You may need:

  • yoga blocks.
  • yoga strap
  • Timer
4. YIN - Shoulders - 20Min

A 20 Minute Yin Yoga class that is pure chest and shoulders.

You man need:

-yoga blocks


5. Gentle Yin

This Yin class focuses on the general stiffness of everyday life and is a great addition to your weekly yoga practise.

Also part of the 5 day Detox Yoga Bundle - Day 5