Hatha Yoga Bundle
Hatha Yoga Bundle

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Total Duration: 3:38:47

Videos: 6

A Hatha Yoga practise is steady & mindful with the focus being on structure, alignment, and healthy progression in your practise. There are a variety of different hatha classes in this playlist. some build strength, some flexibility, some sessions focus on balance and others on transitions and mindful flow.

Hatha -Turtle flow - 35 min

This the half class of one of my full 60 minute hatha class and I call it turtle flow because we are preparing the body towards- Tarasana, Kurmanasa & Viparita Kurmanasa. enjoy metta, kim oxo

2. Gentle hatha yoga

A great way to wake the body up and give it a good kickstart. Hatha stimulates the circulation and muscle release as well as brightening the mind.

Also part of the 5 day Detox Yoga Bundle - Day 2

Hatha Strong 1

This is a strength class in preparation for a class that I call "The 10".

This class focuses on building strength in the core & upper body focusing on exercises that build specific stength for arm balances.

Hatha grounding flow

A hatha flow that focuses on grounding and building a stronger foundation.

Hatha I

Hatha I I have been told is feel like "coming home" - I simple class that keeps Hatha humble and real. Any level will enjoy this class. it is a great way to re-check in with the basics. please enjoy oxo


This Hatha class was designed for a student that needed a class that helped:

-release calf, ankle and back of knee tension

-open up mid back, stomach and neck

-open the hip rotators, flexors & abductors

-release the shoulders.